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Glee loves to play musical chairs with its couples (Puckleberry and Quartie and Wemma...oh, my!), but has the music officially stopped for fan-favorite Quinn and Puck, aka "Quick"?

We've got intel on some of the McKinley High couples, plus a huge step for a certain Parks and Rec pairing. All that, and scoop on White Collar, Game of Thrones, Castle and more in today's delicious serving of Spoiler Chat...

Rosie: Hi! Please tell me that you have some news on Puck and Quinn! These two are connected for life and need to be together NOW! Do they have any moments coming up? Thanks!
Sorry to burst your Quick bubble, but there's more stuff ahead for Artie and Quinn. Still, we wouldn't be surprised if Quinn and Puck had at least one more meaningful interaction before graduation. But don't hold your breath for a romantic reunion.

Tracy: Will we get to see Blaine's brother again i hope so and is there hope for sam and mercedes??
You think the Glee writers left the door open for Cooper to return on accident? No way! They know full well that Matt Bomer was going to rock that guest role, so they wanted to make sure his "exit" was written so a return could happen. And Bomer is so down to come back, telling us he'd "be there in a heartbeat!" Oh, and there is definitely hope for Sam and Mercedes. Just sit tight.

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Josie: Are Ann and Tom still together on Parks and Rec? I love them.
Yes! And when the show returns on April 19, we get to go somewhere we've never gone before, courtesy of their relationship: inside Tom's apartment. But before you think we'll be seeing Tom (Aziz Ansari) and his boo's after-hours relations, just know that it's Ann (Rashida Jones) and Leslie (Amy Poehler) who take us on a tour of his pad. Plus, someone drops the big "L" word! And shockingly enough, it's not Tom.

Felicity: Anything on the new season of White Collar?
We love the sound of this character who we hear is going to be interacting with Neal quite a bit: Abigail is a beautiful personal shopper for New York's wealthiest people, but she's smart and tough. So don't mess with her!

Teresa: Anything on the new Game of Thrones episode?
If you watched The Tudors you might already be familiar obsessed with Natalie Dormer like we are. She makes her Game of Thrones debut as Margaery Tyrell on Sunday and trust us when we tell you she is fabulous! She's gorgeous and very quick on the uptake but we wouldn't trust her as far as we could throw the Iron Throne.

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meriann29: Hi, any news on Castle?
Very good news indeed! In next week's episode, Nathan Fillion reunites with fellow Firefly alum Adam Baldwin, who plays Det. Ethan Slaughter, a tough gang-unit cop brought in to help with a gang case. "Slaughter definitely has unorthodox methods for crimesolving," Baldwin told us, "but when you're in a gang unit you have to sometimes bend the rules a bit. So this puts a strain certainly on Beckett's [Stana Katic] judgment of Slaughter's methods in a way that Castle's uncomfortable with. He needs to observe but it's also strangely intoxicating for him too—to come along and see that other darker side." Now if only Castle could see that other side of Beckett—you know, the one that's hopelessly smitten with him. Sigh.

Jennatheresa: please give me any NCIS scoop you have!
The CBS hit will be introducing a new NCIS special agent in the finale who's described as "athletic, educated and capable." Agent Wallace is experienced, but has a slightly checkered past. The interesting part? There's a strong possibility we'll be seeing more of this new agent next season.

buffy2405: where does Liam/Navid/Silver leave Annie and Liam? 
Hate to break it to you Lannie fans, but Annie is going to be too busy breaking some sins with the hot priest-in-training Caleb to focus on Liam. Plus, Liam's got troubles of his own…like Navid confronting him about his relationship with Silver at a red carpet premiere. It's all just another day's drama on 90210!

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—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins, Tierney Bricker, Drusilla Moorhouse and Christina Dowling

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