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Everybody knows Luke Perry and Jason Priestley have said "not now" to the CW's new 90210—so how is it then that both Dylan McKay and Brandon Walsh pop up for major plot twists in next Tuesday's episode?!

Only I have the exclusive details...

In "Model Behavior," the episode of 90210 airing Sept. 30, we learn that Brenda (Shannen Doherty) has been keeping in close contact with twin brother Brandon and ex-boyfriend Dylan. In this ep, Brenda reveals some heretofore unknown details about Brandon's current whereabouts. (When I get his exact latitude and longitude coordinates, I will be sure to share.)

But that's not all. Next week, that wayward Dylan finally phones home again. (He could learn a thing or two from E.T.) Apparently the call is to Brenda's phone, but both Brenda and Kelly end up talking to him, and after the fact, the two girls get into a "tense" convo (most likely because he calls Brenda's phone). Eek!

Any chance this all might be leading up to a catfight? If so, I'd like to place an early and hefty bet on Brenda to come out victorious. (Doherty's 4-inch Christian Louboutins look deadly.)

So what do you think Brandon and Dylan are up to now? And are you still holding out hope that Luke and Jason will appear? Comment below and take our new-cast/old-cast poll...

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