The Host

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Move over Bella Kristen Stewart and Edward Robert Pattinson.

Stephenie Meyer's traded sparkly vamps for sexy aliens in her first post-Twilight Saga flick, The Host, and the movie's poster has officially hit the web.

And while it's no life-size Robsten to ogle over, that alien-powered eye is certainly sucking us in…

Here's the gist:

In a futuristic world, aliens attack Earth and take over the minds of humans, but Irish beauty Saoirse Ronan refuses her captor's mind control. Thus far, the trailer and poster leave mucho to the imagination, but based on Stephenie Meyer's Y.A. M.O., we're expecting some serious sci-fi action and a love triangle (of course).

While The Host has hardly gained attention like Steph's Twilight juggernaut—perhaps because it doesn't hit theaters until March of 2013 (a full three months after BD Part 2)—we think the initial trailer is a bit more promising.

For starters? There's no Taylor Lautner! Kidding, (sorta). But the Irish leading lassie is also a very talented—she was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in Atonement and she has that fresh-faced appeal, reminiscent of Kristen Stewart in the first Twi-flick.  The film also stars blonde bombshell Diane Kruger and the hunky Jake Abel—together with S.Ron, they form Ms. Meyer's next stunning trifecta.

Our biggest beef with the poster? What's with the eye obsession, Steph? All we've seen are pics of Kristen Stewart sporting her red vampy eyes and now you choose to feature Saoirse's ocular as the poster's main attraction?

Forgive us for desperately wanting something different.

For now, we'll give Ms. Meyer a chance to churn out something better than Twilight (not like it's hard), but we're seriously hoping this isn't a Breaking Dawn redo with dubious writing and a puppy love plot.

Dare we get a jump start on those K.Stew/S.Ron comparisons?

Twi-hards, take it from here.

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