Katy Perry, Sharon Osbourne

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Do we smell a feud brewin'?

A specific comment  Katy Perry said in her interview for Teen Vogue's May issue didn't sit well with the ladies of The Talk, who gave their (not-so-nice) two cents about the remark on today's program.

So what did Perry say that got them worked up? And what does she have to say now?

When talking about her failed marriage to Russell Brand, Perry told the mag, "I'm tired of being famous already. But I'm not tired of creating."

Sharon Osbourne didn't seem to pity the singer much, saying on the show, "What are you doing you silly little girl?!…You wanted it, you got it, now shut up!"

Cohost Julie Chen continued with, "Don't say it publicly. Get a therapist," and Sheryl Underwood suggested that maybe Katy needs to learn that dating a (hot) European model and sitting front row at Fashion Week isn't the best thing to do if you're "tired of being famous."

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But according to the "Part of Me" singer, they misunderstood what she meant.

"O the joy of something verbally said being taking out of complete context in PRINT. This is why there's a continuous ♥/☹ for the media world," she tweeted.

"U see, the fame quote was spoken in jest (which is typical of me) BUT it's not really about that. The fact is: my success, & u my fans have afforded me the most incredible luxury: to grow as an artist & a human. THAT, I could not be more grateful for."

Do you think The Talk hosts were a little harsh? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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