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Oh Ian Somerhalder you sure have mastered the art of the television tease, haven't you? 

We caught up with The Vampire Diaries star who was more than happy to dish on the future—as in season finale—future of fan favorite current noncouple Damon and Elena. So will Delena fans be crying tears of joy or sadness come May 10? And whose the new character coming to Glee that'll probably scare the bejesus out of you? 

Plus, what's coming up on the finales of RingerNCIS: LA, the next season of Breaking Bad and more? And will Smash's Derek and Karen ever hook up? Here's what we've got for you today...

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DamonStan: Is there anything to look forward to for Delena fans in the last episodes of the season? #TVD
Why don't we just let the eternal stud himself, Ian Somerhalder (duh!), answer this one? "I think that Elena is extremely confused, but she's being very honest about it. She's extremely honest about her feelings for Damon and she's extremely honest about her feelings for Stefan," he tells us while promoting his foundation's upcoming Earth Day initiative, Clean Up Where You Live, Work & Play. "I think that her seeking out the way she feels about either one of them, where her heart ultimately needs to be and how it all works is going to make for some really good story telling. I know that the season finale, the relationship between the two of them, you see how much Damon cares about her." Translation: expect some Delena goodness in the finale!

lucylovesglee: Glee related things please
Looks like Ryan Murphy is starting to blur the lines between Glee and his other awesome show American Horror Story as an extremely creepy janitor is going to pop up on the Fox hit soon who looks like he's definitely tasted human flesh. His name? Mr. Kidney. Yeah, he's pretty much the definition of creepy.

Hart of Dixie Poster


@isabmaciel: Please, anything about Zoe and Wade in the season finale of Hart of Dixie?
Four words: Wade. In. A. Tuxedo. Need more than four words? Let's just say he comes to an important realization about Zoe while wearing said tuxedo that should make fans of the couple pretty darn happy. Alas, there are plenty of moments that'll please Zoe and George fans as well. This love triangle is so on.

ChicaNikki149: Derek and Karen's chemistry is being wasted by them not being together on #Smash! Please tell me that'll be fixed soon!
Derek and Karen would have a long road between now and becoming a bona fide couple. But the bond and friendship between those two will not be ignored in the remaining episodes, especially with Karen and Dev being in a bad place. Then there's Ivy to consider. We'll just say this: Dev and Ivy will soon have more in common with each other.

Colin: Any scoop on The Big Bang Theory's finale?
Seems like Bernadette and Howard may decide to elope in the season finale of the geek-chic comedy; the show is currently looking to cast a wedding chapel clerk. But will they actually go through with it? Hm…

Ringer, Sarah Michelle Gellar

Scott Alan Humbert/The CW

DWhitney89: I want to know anything about the Ringer finale!
Break out your formalwear because you are invited to Andrew and Siobhan, or you know Bridget's, wedding, which is definitely going down in the sure-to-be intense hour. Too bad an unwelcome guest pulls a Vince Vaughn and crashes the festivities. So who commits the party foul? You'll find out…in a few hours when we post an exclusive clip from the Ringer season finale!

BobbyQ: Any news on Breaking Bad?
With the lab destroyed and El Pollos Hermanos tarnished by drug kingpin Gus Fring's shocking death, Walt and Jesse will have to find a new front, no? With its final season under way, Breaking Bad is looking to cast a "working-class" guy as a possible series regular. Paul, who's Jesse's age, is no genius but he's smarter than Mr Pinkman! He seems ordinary and non-threatening, but as we learned from Gus, appearances are deceiving. Paul's gruff, older boss owns the customer-oriented company where both men work. No Pollos, then—any guesses, fans? 

Jessica from Camarillo, Calif.: Anything on my favorite show, NCIS: LA
The season might be winding down but the drama is ramping up! Remember how last year there was a slightly stressful cliffhanger that wasn't resolved until the fall? Well we'd bet our mint condition copies of J-14 Magazine that this season's finale ends with a bang that leaves us wanting. The bosses are casting for big guest stars who will also be available for filming the season premiere. Any guesses to who'll be in danger this season?

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—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins, Tierney Bricker, Drusilla Moorhouse, Christina Dowling and Marc Malkin

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