Lily Collins, Mirror Mirror

Jan Thijs/Relativity Media

Dear Ted:
Does Lily Collins have a Blind Vice? I have heard she is not all she seems, that the princess behavior was all for show. Heard Taylor Lautner had enough of her demands?

Dear Julia Roberts:
You can't just stop torturing poor Lily for the cameras, you have to do it on your off time, too? Jeez! Seriously, "Cinderella," Taylor and Lily not working out had nothing to do with Lily being a pain, because she's not. The girl's everything you see on camera in Mirror Mirror—she's simply void of the bad-seed syndrome. Just like the gal told us, Lindsay Lohan Lily surely is not.

Dear Ted:
Look at it this way: Nicole Kidman's face has about as many lines in it today as Grace Kelly's had when she was around 26-28 (the reported age range the film will cover). And, may I say, neither Blake Lively (really?) nor Ashley Greene has the grace or beauty to pull off playing such a role. At least Nicole has a somewhat regal air about her.

Dear Royal Snap:
Whoa, babe, aren't you feisty? Beg to differ: Blake's been actin' pretty royal (at least as much as Nicole) lately, so I think she'd do just fine on that score, thanks very much. You may have a point about Ashley, however. Perhaps I was swayed by that dynamite jaw line of hers, just like Princess Grace's!

Dear Ted:
Since everybody seems to give his opinion about Fifty Shades of Grey's dream cast, I'll give mine. Matt Bomer for Christian (he has the out-of-there class 'n' beauty, the body, the confidence and will certainly be able to play naughty and subtly dangerous better than anyone), and Emma Watson for Ana (seems like young angel at first sight but also the "knows what she wants" type and could certainly play naughty opposite Bomer very well). Not to mention, they're both smart and talented and classy enough that they can turn something that might look ridiculous/scandalous on paper into a masterpiece.

Dear Sorta Been There:
Darlin', Matt's been suggested already, though Emma's a very interesting new idea. Matt, I'm not so sure. He's just too damn pretty. Should have at least a tad more edge, right?

Dear Ted:
So whatever did happen to Jordash Junkie?

Dear Vice Query:
She's doing just fine, thanks very much. Completely (well, almost completely) changed her ways.

Dear Ted:
If Jason Trawick is Britney Spears' "guardian" now, then I have two questions: Why does she still need one, and if she does then is she really OK to get married?
—The momma

Dear Good Questions:
My opinion? No, yes.

Dear Ted:
Talons has me stumped. Is she on Pretty Little Liars, by any chance? If not, are there any Blind Vicers on the show?

Dear Half Right:
No, but so yes! How could there not be, huh?

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