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There's about to be a Mouse fight!

The live shows continued tonight on The Voice, with Adam Levine and CeeLo Green's teams taking the stage to win over the voting public. But it another mentor stole the spotlight during the show: Christina Aguilera, who had a less-than-kind critique from her former Mickey Mouse Club costar Tony Lucca after his performance. In fact, she even brought Justin Timberlake into it!

So what did Aguilera have to say to Tony? And what did Tony have to say about her comment after the show?

Team Adam

Playing up the comparisons, Katrina Parker took the stage looking like an Adele impersonator, donning a simple dark dress and side ponytail to perform Smasking Pumpkins' "Tonight, Tonight." Even host Carson Daly felt compelled to comment on Katrina's sleek look, telling the singer, "You look great in your insurance cubicle, but you look good on stage, too."

Too bad her vocals didn't exactly live up to her look for some of the mentors. "Your voice immediately captivated me. I kind of wanted you to rock out a little bit more," Christina said. "There were a few pitchy notes, but overall I thought you did a great job." Cee Lo added that he loved the staging, but didn't think Katrina connected to the emotions of the song. Adam disagreed, saying Katrina was great.

Former Mouseketeer and rock artist Tony Lucca was the next Team Adam-er to take the stage, performing Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes." Lucca garnered the support former costar Justin Timberlake, who tweeted, "Tony Lucca performs LIVE tonight on #TheVoice Tune in and vote for my boy!!! #realtalent."

Though Christina noted that the two "go back," she calls Tony "one-dimensional," saying, "I would love to see if you make it past this point where you would grow from this stage." She then hinted that he may have more fans than other contestants because of his celebrity support. "That's honest," Adam deadpanned, before telling Tony he's "so proud" of him. Tony didn't seem to be sweating Aguilera's critique. "#1dimensional," he tweeted after he left the stage.

50-year-old Kim Yarbrough kept the Adele theme going for Team Adam by singing the ridiculously popular "Rolling in the Deep." (Anyone else think it's time for reality singing competitions to put a ban on Adele least for a month or something?) Blake thought the performance got better as it went along, but didn't seem all that jazzed. Cee Lo said Adam should have told her to pick a different song. "Adele, she's a freak, man," Adam said, agreeing with his fellow mentors for the most part.

Adam had high praise for Mathai before her performance of John Legend's "Ordinary People," saying, "You're like from another planet." Yes, it was a compliment. Christina "liked it a lot," but called it "a little loungey." Blake praises Mathai for her confidence and Adam says her performance was "magical."

The award for most unexpected song choice of the night (yes, we just made that up) went to coffee-shop singer Karla Davis, who performed "Airplanes." Christina said Karla was "the biggest surprise of the night," but Blake didn't think it was the right song to showcase her vocals. Don't worry, Adam wasn't offended by Blake's critique, telling his fellow judge, "I love you." Love. Their. Bromance.

19-year-old Pip decided to unleash his inner rock star by taking on the Killers' "When You Were Young." Christina didn't enjoy the performance, saying that it seemed like Pip was trying too hard. Adam didn't seem too into his contestant's effort either, saying, "I wanted you to be more dangerous and scary."

Team Cee Lo

Cheesa was the first member of the "Forget You" singer's team to take the stage, performing "Don't Leave Me This Way." Blake called the performance "like watching Solid Gold" and said it was "the perfect song choice." Adam agreed, saying it was "cool," but added that Cheesa may find herself in trouble because the competition is full of great singers and that might not have made her pop. Cee Lo disagreed, saying the performance was "a success."

James Massone, the young body-shop worker from Boston, is learning a lot from his mentor, like the fact that he's a favorite amongst the female fans of the show. Oh, and how to sing better and stuff. James puts an R&B spin on "Don't Know Why," which the ladies in the audience love. Shocking! Blake almost threw his panties on the stage, while Christina liked the more subtle approach from James, but noted that he had some pitch problems. Cee Lo's review? "So cool, calm and collected."

Rocker Juliet Simms busted out an energetic version of "Roxanne" that impressed all four mentors. Adam is "pissed" because he wants Juliet on his team, calling her performance "the best so far." Christina is also jealous that Juliet is not on her team, saying Juliet's voice is "dope." Cee Lo gloats a bit about having Juliet on his team, before telling her, "Wow, baby, just wow." High praise, indeed!

New dad Tony Vincent takes the Voice stage to tackle "Everybody Wants to Rule the World," which earns a standing ovation from Cee Lo. "Welcome to the club," Daly, a father, said to Tony, before turning it over to the judges. Blake found it "a little evil, hellish" and couldn't concentrate on the music. Christina disagreed and appreciated the production value. "I feel like Tony is a lover and appreciator of art," Cee Lo said to help clarify the performance for Blake, before noting the song "constricted" the contestant a bit.

Cee Lo's most unique performer, Erin Martin, took on the Bangle's "Walk Like an Egyptian" and went all out: dressing like a modern-day Cleopatra, including background dancers, which one of the judges was not fond of. "Here we go again with the male strippers," Blake complained of the costumed dancers, before saying it was the wrong song choice. Christina loved the theatrics, but said Erin didn't bring it.

Comeback kid Jamar Rogers is the final performer of the night, taking on Lenny Kravitz's "Are You Gonna Go My Way." We think this is a smart move considering the current Hunger Games fever going around Hollywood! Blake wasn't feeling the background dancers, who were walking on stilts around behind him, and said Jamar is too good to have those distractions onstage. (We have to agree with the country crooner, those crazy stilt-dancers were a tad distracting!)

What did you think of tonight's show? Do you think Aguilera's comments on Tony's performance were rude or honest? Sound off in the comments!

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