Angelina Jolie's Maleficent Casts a Spell on Spring '14

Disney's live-action update of its classic fairy tale will fittingly unspool the day before the Ides of March

By Josh Grossberg Apr 09, 2012 10:01 PMTags
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When Sleeping Beauty awakens in two years, she'll have Angelina Jolie to contend with.

Disney has unveiled March 14, 2014, as the release date for Maleficent, a live-action fantasy exploring the origins of Sleeping Beauty's archnemesis as played by the leg-bombing Oscar-winning screen vixen.

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As anybody who's seen the classic 1959 animated flick can tell you, Maleficent is the wicked fairy who curses the young Princess Aurora after being left out of her christening. Only her true love's kiss can release her from the terrible spell she's under, but before her betrothed Prince Philip can follow suit, he must do battle against Maleficent and her minions.

No word yet who'll play Aurora. The flick, which is being helmed by Academy Award-winning production designer Robert Stromberg (Avatar, Alice in Wonderland), will go up against DreamWorks Animation's Mr. Peabody & Sherman.

Let's hope Maleficent performs more handsomely for the Mouse House than its recent spring tentpole John Carter, which bombed at the domestic box office.