Jenny 'JWOWW' Farley

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JWoww was snapped at The Three Stooges premiere yesterday wearing a super-tight silver dress that clung to every curve and made her look like a package of Jiffy Pop ready to blow.

The 26-year-old Jersey Shore star managed to take her look from Seaside to Hollywood by sticking to the less-is-more motto—adding only simple hoops with her upswept ‘do.

Unfortunately, though...

Those silver-studded sandal platforms feel a bit heavy for the dress and don't look like they're quite the right fit. You're almost there, JWoww, almost.

The reality star has a cameo in the movie—as do her fellow housemates—but was the only member of the gang to show up at the premiere.

JWoww and her knocked up gal-pal Snooki are currently filming their MTV spinoff show, Snooki and JWoww vs. the World. Word on the street is that Snooki's pregnancy may feature prominently in the sixth season of  Jersey Shore, as she's due to give birth in August and the season finale could wrap with her becoming a mom.

Who wants to cut the cord? We do! Pick us!

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