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By Kristin Dos Santos Apr 09, 2012 2:00 PMTags
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Uma Thurman wants to be your star, Smash fans!

We caught up with Smash's next possible Marilyn, who makes her debut on the NBC hit tonight, and got all the scoop on her movie star character who is about to shake things up in a big way. 

Plus, we've just found out a big secret that's about to rock the world of a certain blonde witch on The Secret Circle. We've also got our greedy little hands on some killer Revenge finale scoop, a fan-favorite Glee friendship tease and intel on Justified, Modern Family, New Girl and more. What are you waiting for? Dig in!

Christina in Portland, Ore.: Anything and everything Smash please! 
It's finally here, ladies and gentlemen! Tonight marks the debut of Broadway's newest potential Marilyn: movie star Rebecca Duvall (Uma Thurman), and we could not be more intrigued! (Sorry, Karen and Ivy!) We chatted with Uma about her Smash-ing alter ego and she had nothing but good things to report, "I think she's quite amusing, she's funny. I haven't seen the results yet but I enjoyed doing it. Great people involved and it has been a lot of fun." When we asked about her singing skills, Thurman told us with a laugh, "I do some singing, not very well, I'm not probably going to be offered a record deal off of this but I enjoy it." She gushed, "It's so much fun, I get to do a number!" We are tingling with anticipation! 

Meghan in Bay Shore, N.Y.: This Revenge hiatus is killing me! Have any scoop?
Prepare for a killer finale…literally. Christa B. Allen tells us, "I've heard what happens and it's insane. Somebody's going to die, but this time it's somebody major." Better start those prayer circles now!

Natasha: Are there any good Quinn and Rachel moments in this week's episode of Glee?
Yes, we anticipate the Fabrerry fanbase will have quite a lot to say about Quinn and Rachel's friendship after the episode.  

Greg Gayne/FOX

Maddie in Appleton, Wisc.: When are we going to see more of Dermot Mulroney on New Girl?
It's a New Girl slumber party y'all! That's right the devastatingly handsome Russell, is coming to the loft for the weekend in this week's all-new episode and believe us when we say things are about to get seriously bromantic. We chatted with Lamorne Morris and he tells us the boys have a lot to learn from Jess's fancyman. Morris teases, "Dermot Mulroney teaches us to drink properly." Let's just say there may or may not be a ton of drinking games in this episode. (Psst, there totally is!)

Trisha in San Francisco: When is Modern Family coming back? It's been weeks and I'm going through withdrawals! 
We completely understand oh-so impatient reader, but luckily ABC just announced there is a new episode on Wednesday! It's the second most anticipated election of the year (Vote for Knope!) and everyone in the fam has rallied together to get as many votes for Claire as possible. The only problem is, they all waited till the last minute!  Even though the majority of the episode is Claire-centric, you'll find out that one of the family members has been keeping a very important secret. We'll tell you right now that it's not Manny or Cam…

Taylor: Ahhh Justified finale, I'm so nervous! Tell me something!
It's an amazing episode, but that nervousness probably won't go away until you see the final credits roll. We can tell you that Quarles (Neal McDonough) still has a predilection for kidnapping teenage boys. But this time it's for an entirely different reason than we've seen in the past. Scared yet?

Sergi Bachlakov/The CW

Thomas: The Secret Circle is getting so good! Any teases? 
Remember that time we learned John Blackwell actually has two children in the circle? Yeah, that secret's about to come out! Cassie will learn who her step-sibling/witch is in the next episode…and so will we! The rest of the coven won't find out…for now. So yes, you should feel special. 

Brant in Rockford, Ill.: Nurse Jackie is back! So excited for this season after watching the premiere last night. Any scoop?
One character on Nurse Jackie will continue to bounce between being someone you love, someone you love to hate, and someone you just hate. And one other character that has been apart of the show since the very beginning is barely around this season, and when he or she does pop back up, it's only to cause trouble.

Jenna in Costa Mesa, Calif.: Any info you can give me on MTV's Awkward.?
Aunt Ally is returning, Li'l Bitch! Yes, Jenna's mother's crazy BFF will be making an appearance in season two, and get this, she's getting married! An Awkward. wedding? We. Can't. Wait.

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—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins, Tierney Bricker, Christina Dowling and Leanne Aguilera

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