It's no secret Sofia Vergara has a ton of sex appeal, and the Modern Family star made sure to play that up during her first hosting stint on Saturday Night Live, cracking a few jokes about her thick Colombian accent while she was at it.

"You might have noticed I have a bit of an accent sometimes," Vergara said after hitting the stage in a skin-tight, cleavage-baring bustier dress. "I love it. This accent makes anything sound sexy. Listen, ‘gonorrhea, New Jersey, Rick Santorum.' So, tonight, please forgive me if you cannot understand what I say, and I will forgive you for staring at my chest the whole night."

And after waving to her son Manolo in the audience (and her young-looking fake grandparents) it was on with the show. 

Vergara didn't stray too far from her roots, playing mostly South American characters, but there were a few skits that the Colombian bombshell was in that stood out above the rest.

 "Bein' Quirky with Zooey Deschanel," for example, was laden with spot-on impressions. Abby Elliott brought back her Zooey Deschanel imitation on the faux show, and Vergara popped up as extremely loud guest Fran Drescher. 

While she wasn't able to completely cover up her accent, she nailed Drescher's laugh (and volume level), and it was one of the few times she played a role that wasn't a South American character. Meanwhile, Kristen Wiig was dead on with her impression of Drew Barrymore, Taran Killam rocked as Michael Cera, and Andy Samberg was hilarious as Mayim Bialik. 

Vergara was also great in "Gilly" as Mrs. Robertson, playing a sex education teacher who is repeatedly harassed by her annoying student Gilly (Wiig), a prank-playing young girl who at one point covered a classmate in maxi pads.

And in "Hunger Games," Vergara took on TV reporter Maria Gutierrez (who looked a bit similar to Hunger Games character Effie Trinket), who reported live from "The 74th annual Hunger Games" and found and interviewed Hunger Games contestants who were either scared to death or near death.

She also managed to find Katniss Everdeen, who was particularly annoyed when the reporter asked her about her love life and ended up giving her a handful of deadly berries…which Gutierrez ate.

"Okay…I'm dying now," Vergara said in her live report after consuming the berries.

Meanwhile, in a spoof of Watch What Happens Live, Vergara didn't have too many lines as the champagne-palming, Shahs of Sunset Star Mercedes, but Killam's impression of a narcissistic Andy Cohen, who didn't give his guests more than a few seconds of face time was laugh-out-loud funny. 

In other skits such as "The Manuel Ortiz Show," Vergara went back to her blonde roots, sporting a wig to play a woman who meets her long-lost mother (Wiig) and finds out she is sleeping with the father of her five children. And she also went on to play herself in a sexy Pantene shampoo commercial.

British pop band One Direction was also on hand to perform "What Makes You Beautiful" and "One Thing."

So, tell us, what did you think of Vergara's SNL stint? 

Sound off in the comments.

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