Watch Now: Jennifer Lopez's "Dance Again" Video Has All the Casper Smart PDA No One's Been Missing

Pop star has her way with her real-life boyfriend in promo for her latest single

By Natalie Finn Apr 06, 2012 3:00 AMTags

Ready to get your voyeur on?

Knowing that Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart are a real couple makes it almost too awkward to watch them paw each other like there's no tomorrow in the brand-new video for Lopez's latest single, "Dance Again," which just premiered tonight.

We said almost.

"Was there any chemistry on the set of the video with any of the dancers?" Ryan Seacrest deadpanned as he introduced a sneak preview of "Dance Again" during American Idol.

"It's a good video," she assured him, blushing and giggling. "I can't wait for you all the see it! Enjoy it, enjoy the song, it's very close to my heart. It has a great message, and I hope everybody likes it."

The only message we got was the more glitter the merrier, but...what's wrong with that?!

Pitbull gets to keep his suit on, but Lopez, clad for the most part in a bodysuit and fishnets (and at times a solid coat of glitter) is bare for the grabbing.

Her fellow ladies in the video, directed by Paul Hunter, may have even less on—which is perfect since there's a gravity-defying orgy taking place in the background as Lopez and the well-muscled Smart make eyes at each other.

The shirtless man in question was actually at Idol tonight for the premiere—albeit fully clothed. During the first commercial break, Lopez introduced Smart to the audience and gave him a big hug and kiss.

And the audience sure didn't seem to mind watching that.