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Dear Ted:
Please cull your super-duper sources and tell me that Gary Ross will direct Catching Fire. I think he really nailed the first movie in the Hunger Games series and I can't imagine them doing the sequel without him. Now I hear there are some tough negotiations going on. Lionsgate needs to pony up and pay him what he deserves!
—Freakin' Out Fan

Dear Catching Heat:
I wouldn't fret it, babe. Gary may be renegotiating now, but I'm sure he and Lionsgate will eventually meet in the middle—he is very dedicated to the franchise (and the actors he brought into it) and the studio head honchos love that he made them oodles of money. I don't think either will be quick to walk away from this fruitful partnership…especially since Gary has already been gabbin' about the sequel!

Dear Ted:
Do you think Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence will ever get together? I know Jen already has a boyfriend, but if they split, don't you think those too are just perfect together? You can clearly see they have chemistry and would definitely make an adorable couple!

Dear Team Hutcherence:
Yuck, that doesn't even have a nice ring to it! I'm gonna say no: Josh and J.Law have a strictly platonic relationship and, while they get along famously (and hilariously, to our benefit), you're better off rooting for their onscreen alter egos (Team Peetniss!) than these two. Also, I just love Jen and BF Nicholas Hoult!

Dear Ted:
Brucas is one One Tree Hill relationship many fans have held out for—now that it's off the air can you tell us if Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush's offscreen dramz had anything to do with it? Or maybe if there's any chance for a Chad and Sophia reconciliation?

Dear So 2006:
Something, yes, but Sophia is a professional and has said she'd never let her personal biz get in the way of the show. But the real question is, Cherr: You'd pick Brucas over Brulian?! Knowing how adorable their story ends up being? As for the last part: Ha! Not a chance.

Dear Ted:
Just jumping on the Fifty Shades of Grey dream casting here. How about gorgeous Emilia Clarke from Game of Thrones for Anastasia and studly Joe Manganiello from True Blood for smoldering Christian? These two practically ooze sex appeal, and I think Ms. Clarke can play virginal but desirable without breaking a sweat. Could this work for you as well?

Dear HBO to Go:
Hmmm…love it! Both babes come from pay cable, so they're used to racier material. All those naughty sex scenes should be a walk in the park! And while I'd still prefer Joe's costar Alexander Skarsgård, we all know—courtesy of Magic Mike—that ab-tastic Manganiello has no problem doing the nudey thing on the big screen.

Dear Ted:
How about Zoe Saldana for Johanna in The Hunger Games' sequel. I love me some Kristen Bell, but I think Zoe would be an even better choice. My rescue kitties say hi, BTW!

Dear Girl Fight!
Double hmmm. I love Zoe and think she's definitely got the right look to play gorgeous Johanna, but she's done the action-chick thing before and I only thought it was OK (Columbiana, anyone?). I'd need a bit of persuading, Jas.

Dear Ted:
Thanks for all the great gossip! I'm a longtime reader, but I've never written to you before. I'm trying to figure out the identity of Harriet Talons and I'm really hoping it's not Julianna Margulies. I love her! Can you please confirm that she's not the actress making everyone around her miserable? Thanks!

Dear Only Because You Asked Nicely:
I can confirm it's not Ms. Margulies.

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