Casper Smart Video: Jennifer Lopez's Boyfriend Shows Off His Bee-Boy Moves

Check out the 24-year-old krump in some bee spandex for a 2009 campaign

By Marcus Mulick, Bruna Nessif Apr 05, 2012 1:06 AMTags

How presh is this?!

We're not sure if Jennifer Lopez knows about all of Casper Smart's past dance videos, so she'll surely be entertained (as we were) to see her boy-toy dressed up in a supercute, and supertight, bee getup (kneepads, antennas and all) for a 2009 campaign.

Here's what the buzz was all about…

A few years back, science was showing the honeybee population was dwindling.

Häagen-Dazs uses natural, organic ingredients that are pollinated by bees, so the decline of honeybees would affect their product…and that's when "Bee Dance Krumpin" was born.

This video was made to go viral and raise awareness to save honeybee numbers. They even testified in front of Congress! The campaign ran online for a few months and was very successful, winning a couple awards.

Looks like Smart really is the bee's knees.