Smiling Lauren Scruggs Displays Amputated Limb While Out in Texas

Blond beauty is looking fit, the only evidence of her horrific accident being the bandage covering her left wrist where she lost her hand

By Natalie Finn Apr 04, 2012 8:26 PMTags
Lauren Scruggs Stern/DoubleVisionMedia

Lauren Scruggs looks happy, and that's wonderful to see.

The blond beauty was photographed out and about this week appearing lean and fit, the only visible evidence that she was in a horrific accident being the flesh-tone bandage where her left hand should be.

This marked the first time Scruggs was seen baring her amputated limb instead of concealing it with clothing. The 25-year-old also lost her left eye when she was hit by a plane propeller in December and she was fitted with a prosthetic several weeks ago.

Dressed in coordinated workout gear (nice green laces, girl!), Scruggs and her parents were seen leaving a sports shop in Plano, Texas.

The model also suffered a broken collarbone, brain trauma and a fractured skull in the accident, which occurred in Dallas when she took a short plane ride there to look at Christmas lights.

Bearing in mind all that she's been through, it's inspiring to see Scruggs doing anything, let alone busily going about her life as if nothing was different at all.

"We have been overwhelmed with your outpouring of love for our family during the last 3+ months, since Lauren's accident," her mother, Cheryl Scruggs, wrote on the blog she's been keeping since her daughter's accident. "Thank you for being so generous with your heartfelt comments and encouraging words. They HAVE made an eternal difference and affected our lives in ways you will never know."

Last week, E! News learned that Scruggs had received a $1 million-plus settlement from Aggressive Insurance Services, which covered the owner of the plane.