Demi Lovato Gets Real—Admits “I Still Struggle” With Body Image

Singer-songwriter chats with WE7 radio in London on all things Twitter and her fave British songstress

By Ted Casablanca, Alyssa Toomey Apr 04, 2012 7:54 PMTags
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Demi Lovato is unbroken and she wants the world to know it.

In fact, the once troubled star seems to be doing better than ever: She has a fresh outlook on life, a fab new music video and tons of adoring Lovatics who regularly worship the babe via Twitter.

And leave it to Demi to stay true to her open-book policy—gal's not afraid to 'fess up that her self image is still far from perfect in her recent interview with WE7.

So what's the latest the singer-songwriter, actress and spokesperson is sounding off on?

Let's start with the self-image talk:

"If you're struggling with self-image, you're not alone. It's something that I still struggle with today - I'm not always perfectly happy with my body," Dem admits in an interview with WE7. "After all, I'm a woman and what woman is? But I make sure I tell myself that I'm beautiful and I tell myself daily affirmations, so I would recommend that to younger girls - and guys."

So mature, Dem, and the babe continues to share wisdom far beyond her 19 years! Hard to believe it wasn't long ago the Disney star sought treatment for cutting and an eating disorderquite impressive D.L.'s stayed off that rehab road.

One reason for her post-treatment success? Her adoring Lovatics! And Dem's always the doll dishing out tweets for her six million followers:

"I'm really thankful for Twitter because it's almost like a direct line to your fans - you can tweet something and it's instantly put out into the world…I love it."

Aww, so sweet—and we love reading your tweets, Dem! Don't even think about taking another Twitter break, we all remember those nasty rehab rumors as a result.

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But since Demi is obviously at the top of her game, it's only natural that adoring fans want more. Like, say, a return to acting in the future?

"I definitely want to go back into acting at some point, but right now it's not my top priority," the "Unbroken" songstress revealed. "I've really just been focused on performing, and making music is my number one passion. Maybe in a little while I'll go back to television or movies but for right now I just want to focus on music."

OK, so we've got awhile before Dem hits the big screen, but gal did share her biggest inspiration:

"I feel like Adele's career has taken off and gone so far because she's so easy to relate to and so vulnerable in her songs. I really want to accomplish that on my next album," the brunette beauty shared.

Couldn't agree more, Dem. And since Adele is working on her next album…

Perhaps she needs someone like you to make it real.