It's a little known fact, but after the loss of his parents, Bruce Wayne began putting his trust in Batmobiles instead of people. After years of hoarding various models, he eventually learned that Batmobiles couldn't stop the pain…except for that one with the Batcomputer and Bat Smoke Screen; that was an ample distraction.

Soup Bat Mobiles X2

Each participant leaves the parade not only with their freshly praised Batmobile, but also with a free owner's manual consisting solely of divorce papers.

We look forward to receiving only your best pulp captions in the comments section below. The cutoff for this contest is Thursday at midnight, and the person with the funniest and/or most original caption will receive a much-deserved, limited edition Soup t-shirt.  We wish you well on your journey.

Official Rules

via i am bored

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