Daniel Craig, Skyfall


The name's Bond, James Bond. And if Daniel Craig has his way, it will be for many, many years to come.

It's little wonder that the actor who scored the role of a lifetime wouldn't be in any rush to cede the part to any young whippersnappers at his heels (nice try, though, Tom Hardy), but just in case that wasn't obvious, Craig revealed today that he's in this Bond gig for the long haul.

How long is that, exactly?

While chatting with the BBC as part of the film franchise's 50th anniversary celebration, the Skyfall star said that he planned to "keep going until they tell me to stop."

Of course, just because he doesn't want to give up the 007 role now doesn't mean he's unaware that someday he'll have no choice but to pass the baton to the next action-ready Brit.

"I know there'll be someone after me, and hopefully someone after them—I'm just trying to keep [the series] going."

Meanwhile, as for what fans, who have long been kept in the lurch for a new Bond outing (Quantum of Solace was released four years ago), Craig says it'll be worth the wait with the superspy agent back and better than ever.

If he does say so himself.

"We haven't been resting on our laurels, we've been plotting what to do with this film," he said. "The first one was a whirr—it was a new experience and flew by—the second one was the tricky second album, but this one we've really planned and got a great script.

"It's going to be different from the last one, but it will still be a good Bond movie."

With some pretty good product placement and (dare to dream) title track if rumors are to be believed. The film is set for release on Nov. 9.

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