The good news/bad news situation with juicy TV scoop is that we love to hear what's coming up, but then we're reminded that some of our favorite shows are still on hiatus and it'll be awhile before we get new episodes.

Such is the case with Revenge, and based on what a castmember told us, the show's return will be steaming hot! Plus, Once Upon a Time is going to bring someone back, and soon. All that, and scoop on Pretty Little Liars, Parks and Recreation and more in today's daily Spoiler Chat…

Hallie: Dying without Revenge every week! Got some scoop to cheer me up?
Did you think the young whippersnappers on the show were the only ones getting all the hot scenes? Tsk tsk. Madeleine Stowe tells us that when Revenge returns, things will really be heating up between Victoria and her new love interest, Rome actor James Purefoy. "I call him much more than a love interest," she teases to us. "He's a beautiful man and it's a very visceral, physical kind of [relationship]. I think ABC had to go through and see what they could actually leave on the air or not, so I don't know what's going to end up being cut! But it's a very deep love, yes." Ooh la la!

Tressygirl: Dying to know anything on Once Upon a Time! My favorite show right now!
You will find out that someone you thought was dead is totally not in the next episode! Place your bets now, my friends, ‘cause the dead man (or woman or otherworldly being) will pop up at the end of the next episode. Also, Regina is tooootaaallly gonna sleep with someone, being the evil ho-bag she is. You know who it is, right?

Alicia: Parks and Rec!
Prepare yourself for this awesome bomb that's coming straight at your face: April and Andy offspring. Boom! "There's always a chance," Chris Pratt told us when we brought up kids for the couple. "I've been pushing for it. I think it'd be hilarious! It sounds like it'd be a whole story in itself." The one downside that he is not on board with? "Babies are terrible at improv comedy," Pratt reveals. Just hire some animatronic babies and call it a day!

Pretty Little Liars

ABC Family

Kirsty in Columbia, S.C.: Missing Pretty Little Liars sooooo much! Please tell me you have scoop on next season. (P.S. When is it coming back?)
We don't have that long to wait until we see the A Team tormenting the little pretties: Pretty Little Liars' third season premieres June 5, and the gang just started filming—an Ezria scene!—yesterday. "I think it's going to be very, very exciting," Troian Bellisario dished to us about the new storyline. "It's very frightening to be stalked by somebody you don't know, but then to understand who your worst enemy [is]"—Mona, revealed in the season-two finale—"is just a whole new world of terror for the girls. Then there is still the mystery of what happened to Alison—this doesn't solve anything." Lucy Hale offered us another teaser: "[Showrunner] Marlene [King] told us we're going to be in a bikini in the first episode back!" Ezria and bikinis?! Can Rosewood stand the heat?

Michaela: CSI:NY scoop please!
Do you like video games? Hope so because in Friday's new episode the CSIs will explore the world of competitive video gamers. Showrunner Pam Veasey explains: "It was written by the youngest writers on our group...they know that world and educated us incredibly on this competition world of video gaming." Which we'd be willing to bet includes murder as well as boatloads of cash.

Mireille Enos, Joel Kinnaman, The Killing

Cate Cameron/AMC

Rladd1: Where is Mitch on The Killing??
Mitch (Michelle Forbes) will be back, showrunner Veena Sud and Brent Sexton (who plays hubby Stan Larsen) assured us, but she remains MIA for the first couple episodes this season. Meanwhile, her sister Terry (Jamie Anne Allman) moves in with Stan to take care of their sons while Stan uses every means necessary to bring his daughter's killer to justice. "This guy is going to do whatever he can to get some resolution and protect his family, whatever that may be," Sexton told us. "I think when under stress people tend to regress to something that they knew before…whether that is the most healthy choice, who knows." Considering he and his late buddy Belko are 0-2 in identifying the murderer—nearly killing both innocent suspects—here's hoping Stan and his connected pals are better detectives than, say, Holder and Linden. Oh, snap!

Marcus in Studio City, Calif: I'm obsessed with Happy Endings! Gimme some season-finale scoop!
Remember when Madonna performed in this year's Super Bowl halftime show? Well, that was nothing! Please prepare accordingly, because the one and only Madonna will be performing at the highly anticipated Derrick/Eric wedding (shipper name still under works…). But just who will be gracing us with a song and a perfectly placed mole? None other than your favorite flannel-wearing, winter-hibernating, limo-driving slacker. Needless to say, it's absolutely amahzing! (That was our last one for a while, we promise).

ConnorFan: Loved Fat Betty, but I missed Pete Sunday on Mad Men. Any scoop on my favorite character?
You're in excellent company, because John Slattery told us the malcontent account manager and company rival is his "favorite character on the show." Pete himself, Vincent Kartheiser, noted, "Pete has had moments of greatness—especially in season four when he took the bullet for Don, and was a man in ways he hasn't been before." But, he teased to us, "I can't promise that all of that will continue." Cheers to that—we like it best when Pete walks on the shady side of Madison Avenue.

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins, Drusilla Moorhouse, Christina Dowling & Leanne Aguilera

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