Jessica Alba

Karl Larsen/


Sorry, it was hard to think of anything else when we saw that huge swath of ink on Jessica Alba.

The already tattooed mother of two was spotted today sporting a bed of roses, what must have been an awfully time-consuming addition, on her upper left arm.

We know she has some Sanskrit on her wrist, a ladybug and a daisy on her neck and a NSFW bow just centimeters above her booty, so obviously she doesn't fear the inkster.

But those flowers are quite a hard-to-hide commitment! Are they real?

Sure enough, you still have to look a little closer if you want to see the real ink on Alba's body.

The actress' rep confirmed to E! News that her newest piece of body art is temporary for the movie she's shooting, A.C.O.D., about the dysfunctional progeny of a divorced couple who find out they were part of a study about children of divorced couples.

Alba had the tattoo drawn on in Atlanta, and we hear she's digging the tougher-than-usual look.

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