Mad Men Recap: Betty Is Back Bigger and Better—But Is She Dying to See Don?

Tonight we find out what the perfect homemaker has been up to and how creator Matt Weiner decided to explain January Jones' real-life pregnancy!

By Christina Dowling Apr 02, 2012 4:56 AMTags
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Mad Men might have come back last week, but there was one polarizing figure that was mysteriously missing. But if you were longing for Betty Draper Francis (January Jones), this week's episode was written just for you.  

Tonight we find out what the perfect homemaker has been up to and how creator Matt Weiner decided to explain January Jones' real-life pregnancy! 


The Redemption of Betty: Everyone's favorite ice princess is back and in a half funny, half sad way to hide a sizable baby bump, she's um...altered in appearance. Okay Betty Francis has been spending her time sitting on the couch drowning her sorrows in bugles and bonbons instead of shooting the neighbor's pigeons. 

But it's not exactly a laughing matter; it could actually be serious. We actually thought she was going to drop dead when the doctor called her middle-aged. Gasp! And while there is a possibility of a fatal illness, we see Betty soften. Hug her kids, be nice to her husband, and even weep. Alas, a season-long arc of Betty becoming a saint was not meant to be. But hopefully the residual effects of her near-death experience will carry forward. 

Same Old Feelings: If we were ever worried how Betty Draper Francis could remain connected to Don Draper (Jon Hamm) and Mad Men post divorce, we shouldn't have been. There is just something about both of them that are maybe so damaged they are drawn to each other. Betty calls him and naturally he worries about her health and his kids growing up without a mother. It was quite telling because regardless of how he may feel about Betty's mothering skills, he clearly doesn't have a lot of faith in Megan (Jessica Paré) to pick up the pieces. 

New Guy in Town: Peggy (Elisabeth Moss) was in charge of interviewing a new copywriter. Michael Ginsberg is a good-looking and slightly neurotic guy who naturally drives her insane. Our money is on them getting together before the season's end. 

Like a Rolling Stone: There's nothing better than watching Don Draper do something he really doesn't want to do. This week it was smile and nod while the Heinz boss told him he wanted a jingle from the Rolling Stones. Of course that means Don has to go to a concert and watch Harry Crane (Rich Sommer) get high with teenagers. It's nice to see Don Draper in this situation. He is either getting old or he is just happy in his marriage and wants to get home to his 26-year-old wife, and finally doesn't have a desire to flirt with young girls. Instead he shows concern for them. 


"It's nice to be put through the ringer and find out I'm just fat." —Betty

"When is everything going to get back to normal?" —Roger

"Say what you always say." —Betty

"What? Did you see someone do that in a movie?" —Don Draper

Oh Betty, how we've missed you, even on the brink of death she has some killer lines. So is this the beginning of a new softer Betty? Is Don and Betty's connection going to come back to haunt them? Do you like the new guy? Hit the comments! 

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