Bachelor Ben Flajnik "Taking It Slow" With Fiancée Courtney Robertson

Reality star is working "crazy hours" at his vineyard and says the duo will just "see where things go" in regard to their future

By Baker Machado, Rebecca Macatee Mar 30, 2012 5:46 PMTags

Bachelor star Ben Flajnik and fiancée Courtney Robertson aren't in any race to the altar.

In fact, Ben told E! News the duo are "taking it slow" and they'll just "see where things go" in regard to their future together.

As for reports claiming the lovebirds were cohabitating already?

"[We're] not moving in together," Ben told us. So how'd those rumors start?

Us Weekly recently posted pictures of the couple carrying various household items and quoted an "insider" saying the duo wanted "to get settled as soon as possible."

In reality, Ben says he was just helping a family member move into a house. "You cannot believe all those rumors," he added.

And Ben, who runs a winery, isn't just basking in the glory of his reality TV fame. He's been working "crazy hours" at his California vineyard, even 16-hour days at times.

Just don't work too hard, Ben! Courtney seems like the kind of girl who needs to be the center of attention.