Kim Kardashian, Twit Pic

Eyes up, folks.

Because it's those peepers—and not whatever else your attention may be drawn to—that was the point of Kim Kardashian's latest Twitpic, posted to show her followers what she would look like with different colored, lighter eyes.

What do you mean, you didn't notice?

"What I would look like with lighter eyes," she tweeted this week alongside the dramatic new-look photo.

It's not the only bodily change Kim's been showing off lately.

The E! reality star is fine-tuning her instrument and has been chronicling her renewed efforts at getting a rock-hard bod (not that she needs any help in that department as it is).

"I've been trying to change my bad eating habits—slow process but it's working. I feel so much better! Sugar, dairy & gluten free. HARD!" she tweeted.

"This is a huge step for me!" she continued. "It's a lifestyle change but I'm loving it so far!"

 Whatever she's doing, it clearly agrees with her.

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