Patrick Dempsey

Whittle / Splash News

Did Patrick Dempsey just go from being Dr. McDreamy to Dr. McDead?

Well, don't go sending your condolences to Meredith just yet.

It turns out the Grey's Anatomy star is just the latest victim of a Twitter-related celebrity death hoax after "RIP Patrick Dempsey" quickly became a top trending topic.

"Hi I am back From the dead!," Dempsey tweeted this morning to assure his followers that he is indeed very much alive.

The rumor ran rampant after a fan site was hacked with false info that the actor had died in an automobile accident.

Well, if nothing else, Dempsey now has something in common to chat about if he's ever hanging out with other "recently deceased" stars like Chris Brown, Paul McCartney, Eddie Murphy and Justin Bieber.

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