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CSI: New York is finally back after a mini winter hiatus and with it comes new crimes and more personal storylines. Yes, loyal readers, you can count on us for Danny and Lindsay scoop!

Showrunner Pam Veasey, tells us all about the final episodes of the season, including scoop on Mac's burgeoning relationship and what to expect from the season finale. Or is it a possible series finale? (Horrified gasp!)

Flashback Copycat: If you have a fascination with old crime scene photos, don't worry you are not creepy, you are in good company! Veasey explains that the inspiration for the newest episode comes from a classic New York crime scene photographer, Weegee: "The story takes place in both past and present because the murder scene we arrive at [looks like] a famous murder."

CSI: NY routinely highlights cutting edge forensic technology but in this episode they go back to the 1950s and to basics. "What was beautiful was that we did create an old time autopsy room." Expect some techniques to remain the same, but not DNA. "Then if something had DNA on it, it meant Do Not Analyze." Our minds are blown.

Slow Motion Romance: Mac Taylor (Gary Sinise) has had a surprising number of beautiful women love interests throughout the years, but this season he is on the slow road to romance with Christine (Megan Dodds). "This is a relationship of two, sort of, reluctant people," Veasey dishes. "They don't know they are going towards a relationship, it just sort of happens." But Mac does have someone pushing him towards his new beau: his colleague, Jo Danville (Sela Ward). "She's protective of him and at the same time she's his worst enemy when it comes to relationships because she's pushing him out there." Get ready for some harsh wardrobe critics from Jo.

Family Values: We don't like torches, pitchforks and/or an angry mob of CSI:NY fans at the E! offices, so of course we asked about your favorite crimestopping duo, Danny (Carmine Giovinazzo) and Lindsay (Anna Belknap). Veasey assures us that, "Danny and Lindsay, in our finale, have a conversation that speaks to their future." Despite how cryptic it looks in type, we promise it sounded like really good news when she was explaining: "They represent the family. Everybody else is single or divorced or alone so Danny, Lindsay and Lucy are our wholesome family." Awww.

Final Finale?: Speaking of, Veasey tells us that the season finale is as a whole all about family. And since CSI:NY has yet to get the green light for another season, the last episode of this season could be the last episode...ever. "It is really a show about the relationships of every single one of our characters with Mac Taylor. How they relate to him, how he's a father, a brother, a friend, a boss, a godfather to all of these people. And how each of the characters individual lives relate to his, how he needed them, how they needed him." We asked Veasey how the fans would react if this turned out to be the final episode and she promises the fans will be "satisfied."

But if the series is picked up for a ninth season Veasey has an idea of the direction: "We'd love to do another season! Our cast would love to do it. I think our finale dictates really going home with them in another season and really expanding beyond the job. Eight seasons on a show is a great run, but I'm greedy and want more." Hey, we're greedy too.

So are you excited for this fresh new batch of CSI: New York episodes starting tonight at 9 p.m.? Are you praying to the CBS TV gods for one more season? Got a great theory on what Danny and Lindsay could discuss in the finale? Head to the comments!

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