Spoiler Chat Daily: Smash Gets a Surprising Same-Sex Hookup! Plus, Mad Men, Revenge and More

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By Kristin Dos Santos Mar 29, 2012 1:00 PMTags
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Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Stop the presses: There is a gay person on Broadway?! What the what?!!

OK, so this is far from shocking (quite the opposite, friends!), but the thing is, we're talking about a "straight" character on NBC's Smash that you already know—one who is currently very much romantically linked to a member of the opposite sex. And one who very soon will be sleeping with the enemy, per our sources. Now do we have your attention? Thought so!

Get the exclusive scoop on that, plus Revenge, Gossip Girl, Mad Men, Survivor, Nurse Jackie and Criminal Minds...


Margerite in New Jersey: Ugggggh. I cannot stand the annoying assistant on Smash! Please tell me they are doing away with him and he'll get what he has coming to him!
Um…interesting choice in words because he certainly does have something coming to him. Something naughty! Sources tell me that Ellis (Jaime Cepero) is going to be sleeping with Uma Thurman's assistant on the show. Now, who wants to guess whether the assistant is a man or a woman? Oh, we'll just tell you (since that big ol' headline up there pretty much already did): It's a maaaaannn baby! So for all of you who were shocked Ellis had a girlfriend in the first place, this might end up to be the least shocking TV twist of all time. And solid proof your gaydar is not broken. Congrats!

akyla: No spoilers from Revenge? I'm obsessed with that show!
We are too, so we were very worried when we heard there is going to be a "horrific accident" in the ABC hit drama's finale. What kind of accident? One of a vehicular nature. Ruh-roh! Start those prayer circles for your favorite characters now, y'all!

Natalie in Los Angeles: I know everybody hated her, but I was a Vanessa fan on Gossip Girl. Would she ever come back?
Never say never! Jessica Szhor herself says that it's not outside the realm of possibility for Vanessa to return to Gossip Girl. "I'm not really sure what's going on with that, but I just know that Vanessa went to Barcelona and caused so much drama," she tells us. "But you never know with that show what'll happen. She might stay there, she might come back." Oh, and BTW, I'm talking to Gossip Girl boss Josh Safran this morning, so quick! Tweet me your Q's @kristindsantos.

Kristi in Carlsbad, Calif.: Do you think we'll ever see Colton again on Survivor? I was really hoping to see him get punished by his tribemates. Such a letdown he had to leave!
We posed your question to Jeff Probst, who has mixed feelings about the controversial (putting it kindly!) contestant's return in a later season. "I hope he doesn't go home and stay with his little world that is basically white, where the only color he sees is a rainbow or someone he pays," Jeff said. "I hope he gets out in the world, and then maybe he comes back as a second chancer." But, he added, "Colton would have to really work hard to convince me to bring him back, and only because I don't think the audience wants him back. If I [hear] people say, 'No we'd love to see Colton come back and get his just desserts, OK, that would be great.'" So, Kristi, if you really really want to see Colton earn a shot at Survivor redemption, Jeff Probst is listening.

Sasha: I entered your One Tree Hill contest! Now can I get finale scoop?
But of course. ANd since we happen to have some interesting info from creator Mark Schwahn, we'll ignore your bossy tone (tsk tsk!). Mark promises that the series finale (sob!) will not leave a couple or storyline out in the cold. "You go into a series finale and you want everyone to be represented, so if you're not interested in some of those couples there will be parts of the finale you won't be interested in," he reasons to us. "Either way, I feel like the emotions in the finale and the tone of the finale is very much One Tree Hill and is very indicative of where we started." Excuse us while we go back into denial that this is ending.

John from Pacific Palisades, Calif.: Will Don's marriage to Megan really last in Mad Men?
Good question. Maybe with enough carpet cleaner their marriage can stand the test of time. But there are big concerns, Mad Men's creator Matthew Weiner told NPR (yes, sometimes we act smart and listen) that the big problem is bringing their work life home. Literally and figuratively. He explains: "That white carpeting to me, in their apartment, is a symbol of the purity of their relationship, whether it's sexual or whatever, that's their life and bringing the office into that life literally destroyed her apartment." Sounds like there's trouble (and a good steam-cleaner) up ahead.

Yolanda: So happy that Mad Men is back, but do we know when it's ending?
Don't worry you have at least 37 more episodes of Mad Men to enjoy, which will bring us through season seven. But is Matthew Weiner open to more? He says: "I could be talked into doing more, we'll see." But would the series be better ending after seven? "I think that [seven seasons] is the perfect length for the show, when I'm looking at other shows that I admire, saying let's not overstay our welcome."

Tyler: Criminal Minds? Season finale scoop if ya got it!
And we do got it! In the season-seven finale, titled "Run," we'll meet JJ's mommy! Aw, maybe it's "bring your mother to work day"? That'll be weird.

Stephanie: Nurse Jackie! I hear this season she gets sober…Does she stay sober?
Well, she goes to rehab, but we can't reveal if she stays there or if she gets sober. What we can reveal is that by the end of the season, Jackie (Edie Falco) will have a new roommate and not one, but two people will be fired. Yikes. Trust us, there is plenty of delicious drama on this season of Nurse Jackie.

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins, Tierney Bricker, Drusilla Moorhouse and Christina Dowling

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