Elton John Opens Up on Being Bullied as an Adult: "I Was the Perfect Candidate for It"

"We have to nip this in the bud, too many people have died," he tells E! News

By Bruna Nessif Mar 29, 2012 12:30 AMTags

If you thought bullying stops after high school, you're sadly mistaken.

As the constant debate concerning the theatrical release of Bully continues, Elton John got candid with E! News' David Burtka during an exclusive interview recalling his own struggle with being bullied, even as an adult megastar.

"It was about control and them being able to keep me under their thumb," he tells us. "And I was the perfect candidate for it. Even though I was famous and a big deal, it doesn't matter, it's who you are underneath that, and I was always kind of shy and intimidated."

Elton adds, "One was violent and the other two were mentally violent. They were very important people in my life. They were important people in my career and and in my personal life."

The Grammy-winning artist admitted to being physically hit by his tormentors, and although he kept mum on the situation, he urges others that are victimized to contact someone about their issue.

"Speak out, speak out. Snitch on them. Try to defend yourself, not like me, who hid it and thought it was OK to just go on like it."

As for the bullies, "Your insecurities are what drive you to do this. You need to consider your consequences. I'm sure underneath it, you're all very nice people. We've all made mistakes in our life—this is a good time now to correct your mistakes and help people."

He continues, "We have to nip this in the bud, too many people have died. Too many young people have committed suicide because they've been frightened of 15-16-year-olds."

Elton John has been working closely with Lady Gaga on an anti-bullying campaign, and truly feels that this "cruel and disgusting" behavior can be stopped. But he's also preparing to deal with the possibility of his son, Zachary, coming into contact with a few bullies at school.

"I know by being two same-sex parents that when my boy goes to school he's probably gonna have some people saying, 'Oh you don't have a mommy.'"

If that should happen, Elton hopes that his "pride and joy" will do what he urges everyone else to do in this type of situation, and speak out.