Grey's Anatomy: Mary McDonnell to Guest Star

Mary McDonnell is an advanced talks to join the ABC drama for a several-episode guest arc...

By Kristin Dos Santos Sep 23, 2008 6:16 PMTags
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Holy frak! President Roslin is joining Grey's Anatomy!

Mary McDonnell is in advanced talks to join the drama for a multi-episode guest arc, confirms ABC.

But who will she play?

The nature of Mary's role, first reported by our good friends at Galactica Sitrep and Mo Ryan of the Chicago Tribune, remains a mystery. All we fans know for now is that it's a guest gig. The character's identity—patient, doctor or recently arrived relative—remains shrouded in Grey's famous anti-spoiler force field...

But remember how last week I told you about the casting call for Little Miss Type A, the high-powered type A personality female character in her 20s or 30s?

If you knocked off the age restriction, Mary McD would certainly be able to fill the other requirements of the part, don't you think? And now that I think about it, Mary could very well be a more mature Kate Walsh/Addison Montgomery. Could this be the older woman of McSteamy's dreams?

What are your thoughts? Who else could she be playing? A hospital administrator come to help or harass the Chief? Or maybe Alex's mentally ill mother?

All I know is that it would be a bit much if she were playing a dying leader of any stripe, but besides that, I think the options are endless! Post your theories in the comments!


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