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Spring has sprung in Tinsel Town and fresh new couples are poppin' up all over the place. Like Jason Segel and Michelle Williams (could they be any cuter?!). Not to mention duos we still totally adore, à la Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart—we're dying over their imminent Parisian vacay.

But, don't think we're as cheery for every happy couple…some break-ups are definitely for the best. Um, Zoe Saldana and Bradley Cooper, anyone? Like that was going last anyway.

So, in lieu of the freshly smitten faces and the inevitable future splits, we're sounding off on which relationships we admire, what hookups we desire and which twosomes should just friggin' retire already.

Admire: Jennifer Lawrence & Nicholas Hoult!

Now, this couple may seem like an obvious choice considering J.Law is only, like, the biggest star ever right now. But we're still very obsessed with J.Law and her adorable Brit BF, Nicholas Hoult. The pair met doing X-Men: First Class (before Jen jumped aboard The Hunger Games) but their making it work despite that pesky franchise fame!

It's obvious the two have not let the whole box office gangbusters sitch get in the way of their romance, but that whole "basketball buddies" things totally works for us. So sweet! Plus, the crafty couple delivers just enough PDA to keep us satisfied. Think they can go the distance?

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Desire: Rihanna & Taylor Kitsch!

In case you hadn't heard, Ri-Ri is officially single and, we're assuming, ready to mingle. And it's time to ditch rumors of rendezvous with Ashton Kutcher (eh) and Chris Brown (ew) to the curb and find the pop princess a new dude worthy of her 'tude: like, say, Taylor!

The "S&M" songstress needs a good boy (like the lovely Mr. Kitsch) to balance her good girl gone bad ways. And could you even imagine a hotter pair than these two?! Plus, they'll be spending some quality time together on the Battleship press tour so it's not that crazy to think things might get steamy.

Retire: Jennifer Lopez & Casper Smart

OK, so we were totally for Jenny from the block rebounding with hot, young thang Casper Smart after her divorce from Marc Anthony…but this cougarific couple is getting old. Sorry, but we find it hard to believe 24-year-old Casper is right for 42-year-old J.Lo. And not just because of the age difference—remember J.Lo's last romance with a backup dancer beau (Chris Judd)?

Yeah, not the best track record for success. We think J.Lo is gorgeous (with a thriving career and two adorable kiddos to boot) and while a hot and heavy fling with Smart may have been just what the divorce doctor ordered, it's time the diva found a real man.

So there you have it. Long live, Jen and Nic! Hopefully we'll see some canoodling from Tayanna (doncha love it?!) soon. And Jen and Casper? Well, we've already spoken our peace. But who knows?! Maybe we'll feel totally different about all these couplings next week.

What say you Awful readers? Tell us who you would admire, desire or retire in the comments!

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