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Could this finally be The Hunger Games romance we've been waiting for?!

A video of H.G. costars Alexander Ludwig and Leven Rambin—who play tributes Cato and Glimmer—has surfaced showing the twosome cuddling and kissing outside the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood.

So, what's the real deal behind the mini makeout sesh, and could we possibly be watching our first offscreen tributes get it on?

Not so fast.

While there's no doubt it is indeed Leven and Alexander swapping spit, a source close to the costars insists "they are just party pals."

A rep for Leven agreed, telling us "they are not dating, they are friends." Calls to Alexander's rep were not returned.

So, exactly how close is the adorable blond duo?

"They hang out a lot and definitely go out together. Dayo [Okeniyi] (who plays badass tribute Thresh) hangs with them a lot as well," our H.G. insider revealed.

Hmm, looks like this cast is a tad crazier than we first thought, no?

"They're young and famous. They both like to go out and definitely enjoy having a good time," our tribute-savvy source revealed.

But this certainly isn't the first time Alex has been spotted getting his party on. Remember, we first told you the breakout star has been hanging with the likes of Lindsay Lohan and has quickly become a strong admirer of the Hollywood nightlife scene.

And since Leven was also spotted posing with Lindsay Lohan at a Weinstein & Co. bash in January as well, we're thinking this whole posse is fully taking advantage of their newfound fame.

No harm in a little Tinsel Town fun, right? Especially since Leven's rep slammed reports the makeout sesh went down while Lev was still dating ex-BF Geoff Clark:

"Leven and Geoff were engaged in December 2010 and they broke off the engagement in November 2011," he explained. "The video is from January 19 of this year."

So, there's no cheating scandal but there are definitely some off-set antics going down.

But whatevs, they're hot, they're young and they're part of the biggest movie ever.

We say par-fait timing to get their H'wood party on.

What do you think of the tribute twosome? Sound off below!

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