Dallas First Look: Everybody's Naked! But It's Probably All a Dream

Promo photo for TNT's reboot of the classic primetime soap plays on "it was all a dream" season

By Jenna Mullins Mar 28, 2012 8:58 PMTags
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The angle TNT is using to promote their Dallas reboot? Abdominal muscles and nostalgia. We're definitely OK with both strategies.

In the first official promo photo for Dallas, everyone's in the shower, which is pretty clever on two levels…

First, who doesn't like looking at attractive people looking steamy and wearing towels? Yes, we're talking about you, Patrick Duffy.

But most importantly (especially for original Dallas fans), the shower setting is a nod to the season eight-ending twist when Pam woke up to find her husband Bobby (Duffy) happily showering away. Why was that a twist?

Because he was supposed to be dead from a car accident! But you realized that the whole season was all Pam's bad dream. Now, according to our mothers (some of us were too young for Dallas fever!), it was a total cop-out back then.

Also in the photo? J.R. (Larry Hagman), most famous for the "Who Shot J.R.?" storyline, and the eye candy of Josh Henderson, Jesse Metcalfe and Jordana Brewster.

Dallas premieres Wednesday, June 13 on TNT.

What do you think of the teaser photo? Did you think the "it was all a dream" twist was cool or corny?

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