LeAnn Rimes, Eddie Cibrian

SWAP / Splash News

Oh, to be a fly on that electromagnetic wall.

Just this week, speculation as to whether or not LeAnn Rimes was expecting a baby kicked into high gear thanks no doubt to the one-two media punch of hubby Eddie Cibrian's artful and seemingly unnecessary dodging of a direct pregnancy question posed to him by a reporter, and the fact that it's been a lifetime (at the very least, a week, which only seems like a lifetime) since LeAnn has dared to bare her bikini bod.

So, does she have something to hide? Like, say, a baby bump?

Time will tell. At the very least, LeAnn certainly has been wearing more clothing lately, both when locking lips with her lady friends and, more recently, when making her way through LAX's security screening.

The country cutie and her hubby were both selected for the backscatter before taking off, and paparazzi, as they are wont to do, inevitably caught the duo making their way through the additional security measures (with any would-be baby bump—and if one exists, it's miniscule—annoyingly blocked from view).

Of course, if the rumors prove to be true, then sounds like it'll come as a surprise to Cibrian. Unless, of course, he was playing intentionally coy with a reporter when directly asked about the rumors this week.

"Maybe!" he told Extra of the speculation. "That's always a possibility, but I'm not sure."

Finally, he relented with a straight answer: "She's not pregnant right now."

As if that'll stop the rumors.

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