So True So False, STSF

Enough of the drama (for now).

The Bachelor is over, Ben Flajnik picked Courtney Robertson and regardless of their rollercoaster relationship since the show aired, the duo are now a happy and engaged couple...who are also moving in together?

It wouldn't be out of the ordinary, especially since the lovebirds are planning to walk down the aisle together, but when Us Weekly (who Flajnik calls "shady") reported that Ben and Court were shacking up, we thought it was kinda fast. Too fast, maybe?

Don't these reality-show couples usually have some time to get back into, well, reality before making any sudden decisions?

Hang on to your roses, neighbors, because this rumor is...

So false!

A source tells E! News that Robertson "hasn't moved in, but they are spending more time together. She is gradually moving some stuff into his apartment but they are taking it slow at the moment."

Just as we suspected—baby steps. Smart move (pun intended).

"She is now back at her L.A. home and they are planning to see each other again next week," the source adds. "They are getting along really well, but she is not willing to give up her L.A. home just yet. It might be soon, though, but they want to just see how it goes and get used to spending a lot of time together first."

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