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Dear Ted:
I know you're all over the idea of Taylor Kitsch for Finnick, but what would you think about Cam Gigandet? He's gorgeous. If not him, then can we dream that Ryan Reynolds was younger and maybe not as famous? I'm not going to lie, that's who I pictured the entire time I was reading the book! What do you think? Kisses!

Dear Twi Again:
Reynolds isn't a totally crazy idea—well, except that he probably plays a little bit older than Finnick will be cast (which is even older than he is in the book). And that's a lot of digits stacked against the dude. As for Cam, he's got the Twilight connection going against him—just like Kellan Lutz, who was also rumored to be interested in the role. H.G. honchos want zero crossover from the vampy franchise.

Dear Ted:
Call me crazy, but Madonna for President Coin!

Dear LOL:
Doll, that might just be so crazy it works. Or I'm just as cuckoo as you and can totally picture her barking out orders in Mockingjay. I was imagining more of a Joan Allen type, but your idea is much more glitzy. I would vote Madge and her guns into office any day.

Dear Ted:
I am a longtime reader of yours and huge fan of The Hunger Games. I recently saw John Carter (which I loved, BTW) and I agree with you 100 percent on Taylor Kitsch for Finnick! How can we make this happen? He would be perfect! Speaking of Taylor, is he seeing anyone? He seems like he would be sweet in real life!

Dear Keep on Kitsching:
Wish it into being à la The Secret? Hashtag until Gary Ross takes notice of the Twitter movement? Just keep blabbing about him here in the blolumn to rally support? Who knows, Chloe, but #TeamTaylorKitsch 4eva.

Dear Ted:
I'm all for Garrett Hedlund for Finnick! I love the movie Country Strong, and watching it last night, I just couldn't get him out of my head for Finnick. He's smokin hot and is one hellava actor!
—B in Alaska

Dear Hmmm:
I would love to see Garrett play opposite Jennifer Lawrence…but perhaps in a smaller indie flick? Or heck, what about in Country Strong 2 (I love that movie too, boo)? I just can't see Garrett pulling off the complete douchethrob side of Finnick. Prove me wrong, B!

Dear Ted:
I admit that I am not that familiar with Kristen Bell. However, I saw her on Jimmy Kimmel and I am sort of warming up to her in the role of Johanna in Catching Fire. I think she could handle the character's complexity. She seems to really want to be in the movie, too! Given that the producers seem to be going to good actors and transforming them into the roles vs. a mediocre actress that just fits the character's description, this could work. I cannot wait to see then next installment of Hunger Games.

Dear Ring My Bell:
Ya know, I might support K.B. for Johanna even more so than Mr. Kitsch for Finnick. That's how perfect I think she is for the part. She has the range to pull off the role and we know she'll put in the extra effort. Plus, it'd just be great to see Kristen on the big screen in something other than a rom-com.

Dear Ted:
I know this may be a very unpopular opinion, but I was highly disappointed in The Hunger Games movie. I loved the books so much and I was so excited to see the movie, but it just let me down. I don't feel like they developed the relationships or the foundation of the story! If you never read the books you don't know just how important Katniss' survival is and how her family is so dependent on her. You don't see her and Haymitch "bond." And the cave. Are you serious?!? The cave was a huge chunk of the book and I don't think it got nearly enough camera time. I expected the Twilight movies to be a bust because the books were written horribly, but this had way better written material to work with. What are your thoughts? Were you pleased with it?

Dear Sorry 'Bout It:
I loved the movie. If everything from the book made it to the big screen, the movie would be a 100 hours long—hence it's called an adaptation. Think about it: They had to establish a completely new world and the character of Katniss in only two hours. So, yes, the cave scene wasn't as chock-full of goodness as on the page, but I don't think the movie (or any of the sequels) will suffer for it.

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