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Dear Ted:
I just saw the new Disney film John Carter and I am obsessed with Taylor Kitsch! Super hot! Although the movie reminded me of Prince of Persia for some reason. Can you dish some Blind Vice scoop on the super hot?

Dear Men Are From Mars:
I wish I had some naughty scoop to tease, B, but Taylor is as private as they come (well, for a dude who is in two of the most publicized flicks of the year anyway)—and especially when it comes to the romance department. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean he has any B.V.-worthy secrets he's hiding. As for the flick, it was better than Prince of Persia if just because Disney actually delivered on the shirtlessness this time.

Dear Ted:
I'm old enough to be Nelly Fang's mother and let's just say dreaming of "the captain" is taking up far too much of my day (and night, for that matter.) Please throw this old cougar a bone—any more goodies to share about the sexy dude?
—Fang Banger Wannabe 

Dear Aged to Perfection:
It is due time that Nelly made a grand return, huh? Thing is, ever since he caught wind that people were whispering about his on-set antics (ya know, the humping kind), he's been super paranoid—about beddin' ladies and dudes! So weird, right?! But Nelly has been on-set a lot lately, so something is bound to, shall we say, pop up?

Dear Ted:
Jensen Ackles
said that he and Danneel Harris introduced (i.e. set up) Jeffrey Dean Morgan and his baby mama, Hilarie Burton, so I got curious to know if Jeffrey and/or Hilarie are Blind Vicers as well? I know you said Jensen is, but is his wife as well?

Dear Takes a Vicer:
No, no and no. While darling Danneel may be in the know, she hasn't earned herself a moniker yet. And Vicing isn't a virus (most of the time), Sass, just 'cause one person has it doesn't mean everyone around them will!

Dear Ted:
I was gonna leave a comment on board about new Breaking Dawn 2 trailer, but the hate was so deep I didn't want to have my post attacked. So, love the trailer. When do you think we will see the full one? June? My doggies say hi to yours.

Dear Breaking Bad:
I'd expect it later in the summer, babe. But who knows? Maybe Summit will surprise us with it earlier—or a sneaky Twi-hard just might leak some of the vampy goodness early again à la the Breaking Dawn—Part 1 honeymoon. Remember that drama?

Dear Ted:
Haven't had an update for a while on Morgan Mayhem. Has she cleaned up her act, or is she as out of control as ever?

Dear Monitored Mayhem:
More in control than ever, Katie. And by that I so do not mean that her habits are of the past, just that she is finally keeping things under wraps. It only took her a bajillion years to figure out how.

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