Watch Now: Alicia Silverstone Feeds Her Son…With Already Chewed Food Out of Her Mouth?!

Vegan actress posts unusual footage of her and 9-month-old son Bear literally sharing a meal

By Gina Serpe Mar 27, 2012 6:39 PMTags
Alicia Silverstone, Bear Blu

Uh, something tells us Alicia Silverstone misread this particular baby bird-themed parenting memo: referring to your adorable toddler by the chirptastic pet name? Cute.

Feeding said adorable toddler with chewed-up food spit directly from your mouth into theirs? Uh, not so cute.

But nevertheless eminently viewable, thanks to a recently uploaded video of such mealtime shenanigans, posted by the actress and Earth mother extraordinaire herself.

Trust us, this you've got to see…

The video was posted more or less without comment (certainly without sound) on the actress' Kind Life healthy lifestyle blog last week.

"I just had a delicious breakfast of miso soup, collards and radish steamed and drizzled with flax oil, cast iron mochi and nori wrapped outside, and some grated daikon," she wrote.

"Yum! I fed Bear the mochi and a tiny bit of veggies from the soup…from my mouth to his. It's his favorite…and mine. He literally crawls across the room to attack my mouth if I'm eating."

Silverstone clarified that the accompanying video wasn't of their latest communal mealtime but of an overshared meal that took place "about a month or 2 ago when he was a bit wobbly."

If it had been a more recent encounter, she wrote, it would have been a bit more active.

"Now he is grabbing my mouth to get the food!" she exclaimed.

Well, they clearly enjoy it then. And that's, um, all that matters, right?