Christie Brinkley Breaks Down on TV, Blames Ex for "Destroying Joy"

Supermodel says Peter Cook is a narcissist who thrives on publicity from their personal problems

By Rebecca Macatee Mar 27, 2012 4:15 PMTags

Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook divorced four years ago, but the former spouses still haven't settled all their issues. In an appearance Tuesday on the Today show, talk of the bitter feud and ongoing legal battles with Cook brought Brinkley to tears.

"I just want peace," she said, choking up. "And every time I have any joy, or any kind of success in anything he has to try to destroy it. And the courts need to learn how to deal with this kind of thing."

Although Cook has accused Brinkley of airing their dirty laundry to promote her return to Broadway in Chicago, she said this isn't the case. "I have turned the other cheek," she explained. "There's not one quote from me, anywhere. This is the first time I've ever been on a show [to talk about the split]."

"I have never taken part in name calling," she said, adding, "The only thing I've ever the end of that [second] trial I said as a public service, 'Google "divorcing a narcissist."'... I'm not alone. I've gotten hundreds of letters from women that are going through this. It's not easy."

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