Jamie Bell, Evan Rachel Wood

Gaz Shirley/KVS; PacificCoastNews.com

Are we having déjà vu?

Evan Rachel Wood and Jamie Bell were spotted taking a stroll over the weekend, when—gasp—we noticed wedding bands on those pretty little ring fingers of theirs.

Did they take the plunge?

Well, it doesn't seem like it...for now.

E! News verified that there have been no marriage licenses filed for the couple in Los Angeles.

Maybe they're just promise rings? Maybe they got married somewhere far away from here, all secretive and Hollywood-like? Maybe they saw those rings at some flea market and though they were cute so they bought them? Who knows?

Wood tweeted earlier today, "A picture says a thousand words doesn't it?"

And in this case, a thousand questions (so an answer would be nice).

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