Justin Bieber Dishes on How to Be a Great Boyfriend

Singer talks to E! News about his latest single and relationships

By Bruna Nessif Mar 27, 2012 1:34 AMTags

Do you love "Boyfriend" or what?!

Justin Bieber's latest single was released today, and E! News got a chance to chat with the rising pop star, who (so kindly) shared some of his wisdom when it came to relationships.

So what does it take to be a great boyfriend?

According to the Biebs, "To be a great boyfriend you just have to have patience and…you're always wrong when it comes to girls, you're always wrong, so just say sorry when things are rough."

A lot of us assumed that girlfriend Selena Gomez was J.B.'s inspiration for this song. Well, we're not completely right, but we weren't wrong to think that, either.

"No. The song definitely comes from my heart and whatever that is...whatever is in there so I mean, I'll never let you go if you're my girlfriend, I promise," Bieber tells us as he looks into the camera. Wonder who he's talking to, hmmm...?

And just to set the record straight, that rapping you hear in the song is not actually rapping. At least, that's not what Justin calls it, "It's just like this whispery, sexy thing that I'm doing."

We'd like some more of that, please. Thanks.