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Sure, Peeta may be set for a whirlwind Hunger Games romance with Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence), but what about his  real-life counterpart, Josh Hutcherson—has he sparked a romance of his own?

Josh was spotted out in NYC last week with Emma Roberts outside a ping-pong club, instantly sparking online buzz. But sources tell us the two are not dating…yet. Which begs the question: Who should he be with?!

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"They are not dating," we're told. "They get along great, but at this point there is nothing romantic."

The same will not be said for their onscreen alter egos in the flick Aaron and Sarah, in which they both have landed title roles. The movie—Neil Patrick Harris' directorial debut—features Josh as a video-game-lovin' outsider and Emma as a promiscuous cheerleader. And (shocker!) their friendship eventually turns into more.

But since we'll have to wait until forever (or at least 2013) to see if there's any chemistry between the two onscreen, we're far more concerned with Josh's love life offscreen for now. So we decided to pick a few suitors for him.

Lily Collins

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First, there's (duh) Emma Roberts—why not, the two are already chumnmy? Em—Julia Roberts niece, BTW—formerly dated Glee's Chord Overstreet and the two had quite the rollercoaster relaysh (heavy on the PDA and heavy on the public drama).

She's not a total goody-goody, with a similar 'tude to Josh's ex Vanessa Hudgens, which is why we think it could totally work. But if he wants a good girl, why not…

Lily Collins? Mirror Mirror's Snow White is three year's Josh's senior (which is practically nothing) but he's got two inches on her apparently (5'7" to her 5'5"), so they stack up pretty well. Plus, Mr. Hutcherson is a total sweetie pie…just like Lil.

That is, if she's not already occupying her time with Zac Efron. In which case, why not a good girl with blond locks, like…

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Taylor Swift. Of course we're rooting for Swebow (i.e. Taylor and Tim Tebow), but assuming that fizzled out before it got heavy, she might have enough in common with Josh—including their H.G. connection, as she provided tunes—to hit it off.

The only problem? At 5'11" she towers over Josh!

But what say you, Awful readers and expert matchmakers? Do you think Josh should keep things rolling with Emma Roberts? Or do you think he should be looking for loving with the likes of Lily Collins or Taylor Swift?

Or maybe somebody else entirely? Sound off in the comments!

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