Good things come to Twihards who wait!

As we promised you last week, the new Breaking Dawn Part 2 trailer officially hit the web today and, even though it's only a mere fifty seconds, we just can't get over Kristen Stewart rockin' that piercing red stare.

And it's not just the vampy eyes she's rocking:

Everything we loved about Edward Cullen from the first flick—ya know, his "skin of a killa" (AKA blinged out body), his super speed, his pale complexion—Bella shows it all off as she races through the forest while waxing poetic:

"After eighteen years of being utterly ordinary," the very undead Bella recites in voiceover. "I finally found that I could shine."

Uh, babe? We hardly think having bloodsuckers and werewolves battle over your booty—with another hoard of vamps trying to kill you—before you eventually settle down with (arguably) "the best man ever" counts as normal.

But whatevs, right?!

The trailer is an extension of the teaser that was released forever a week ago, but while that one focused on Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner's reaction to blood thirsty Bella, this one is all about face time with Ms. Swan herself.

And we still cannot get over the final shot of her hunting a deer. We die! Only 235 days the movie premieres!

So if you didn't see The Hunger Games in order to catch your first glimpse of the final installment of the Twilight Saga or simply didn't get to share your reactions last week, now's the time. Do you love it?! Who are we kidding—we already know you do!

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