Lourdes Leon

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Puff puff? Tsk-tsk.

Even by Madonna's standards, two scandals in one day has to be some sort of record. First, her music video is deemed too hot for the Internet, and then her 15-year-old daughter, Lourdes Leon, was caught by paparazzi sneakily smoking a cigarette in NYC.

They may grow up fast these days, but lest we forget, the minimum age for purchasing such vehicles for inhalation is a much older, wiser and heartier of lung capacity 18.

It doesn't take a genius to do the math on this one: Lourdes is a whopping three years shy of the legal limit. Uh, oops.

Of course, as scandals go, this one will hardly rock the nation's core, but nevertheless, photos of the underage teen puffing away with her friends have deluged the online world this morning, with most accompanied by haughty-breathed condemnations of Madonna's parenting skills.

Though technically, it's not against the law for a 15-year-old to smoke a cigarette, just for someone to sell them to her.

Still, when your mom is Madonna, there's not much left to rebel against—guess her obsession with health will have to do for her teenage daughter.

Alternatively, on the bright side, if she's simply following in her mama's footsteps, she picked the least offensive behavior of the bunch: After all, of all other more age-inappropriate antics Madonna engages in her restricted new music video, "Girl Gone Wild," smoking is certainly the best she could've picked. All things considered.

Unsurprisingly, Madonna has yet to comment on the budding uproar.

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