Celebrity Apprentice Recap: Who Lost Out on the Crystal Light Challenge?

A crucial mistake on the signage at the women's team event leads to their loss...and the firing of a female celebrity

By Tierney Bricker Mar 26, 2012 5:16 AMTags
THE CELEBRITY APPRENTICE, Season 12 Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

And another celebrity bites the dust!

On tonight's Celebrity Apprentice, tensions ran high on the women's team thanks to last week's dramatic boardroom firing, during which we said goodbye to Tia Carrere.

So could the ladies pull it together to get back to their winning ways? And who did Donald Trump end up firing?

Tonight's task was throwing a party for Crystal Light's new mocktinis! Sounds fun, right? Well, when the men's team constantly makes a point of saying how much they don't like to party, it's not as fun as one might imagine. The two teams will be judged on their creativity, brand messaging and the overall party atmosphere.

Clay Aiken, even though he admits he's not a clubber, offers to be the men's team manager, while Aubrey O'Day, who says she's lost a lot of weight on Crystal Light (kiss up!), takes on the leadership role for the women's team. Clay is nervous because he thinks Aubrey's partying ways will give her team the advantage, hilariously suggesting that at birth Aubrey was "grabbing on to that stripper pole."

The women, or Aubrey to be more precise, decide to throw a "Garden of Eden" party as pomegranate is said to be "forbidden fruit." The men, led by Clay, go with a beach theme that has the tagline "Life's a peach."

Putting some of their natural talents to use at the party, Debbie Gibson wrote and performed a theme song for the event and Lisa Lampanelli provided some laughs. Though the men's party starts off a bit slow, things pick up when people begin arriving to the beach-themed fiesta and play limbo! Not to be outdone by Debbie and the ladies, Clay sings "Under the Boardwalk" and the party has two special guests: The Today Show's Kathie Lee and Hoda!

In the boardroom, all of the women commend Aubrey for doing a great job, but most say they would fire Dayana Mendoza if given the choice because she did the least amount of work. The men also praise their leader Clay, who in return says he would bring back Dee SniderLou Ferrigno or Paul Teutul, Sr. Rookie team leader mistake!

The execs praise the women for the party's theme and say it was an elegant affair, but felt there wasn't as much focus on Crystal Light as there was on the mocktini. Specifically, they highlight the signage as an issue. The men's team received compliments on their two bar concept and say they loved their event. 

Unfortunately for the ladies, the men were victorious on the Crystal Light challenge and Aubrey decided to bring Patricia Velasquez and Dayana back into the Boardroom. Aubrey breaks out the tears, saying they should have won the challenge and, get this, Trump decides to donate $10,000 to her charity. Oh, and he saves her from elimination. Yep, Aubrey escapes firing as Patricia gets fired due to the errors on the signage, which she was responsible for. Good thing Dayana brought all of those beautiful women, right?!

What did you think of tonight's episode? Do you think the right celebrity went home? Sound off in the comments!

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