Ultimate Fan Battle

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Ultimate Fan Battle

We made it, fans! We're down to the final two pop-culture phenomenons doing battle in our Ultimate Fan Battle competition.

Before two certain fanbases can start celebrating their climb to the final two, we've got a surprise for those who thought their beloved singer/show/celebrity/etc. got knocked out much too soon. But first, let's reveal the final two fanbases left..

Supernatural and Buffy!

After thousands and thousands of votes, two television shows about attractive people fighting monsters are the final two in our Ultimate Fan Battle! The WB (now the CW) must be very proud.

But wait. There's more!

Did you think The Hunger Games should be in the final round? Or was Glee knocked out way too soon? Is Britney Spears not being represented a complete travesty in your eyes? You're in luck because it's time for the Wildcard round! We want to hear which fanbase needs to be back in the competition, so start rallying troops!

Twitter is your battlefield, and undying devotion is your weapon. Tweet at @KristinDSantos and @Ted_Casablanca and nominate your dearly departed pop culture favorite. You can make videos, take photos, start a flashmob, or just go on a crazy Twitter rant! Just make sure you use the hashtag #UltimateFanBattle, and we'll pick two wildcard entries to enter in our final final four round.

You have almost an entire week to tweet your love, until Sunday, April 1 at 7:00 PM PST. Good luck, wildcard hopefuls!

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