Organizers of Kuwait's 10th Arab Shooting Championship made one heck of a mix-up (and surprisingly Sacha Baron Cohen had nothing to do with it).

After Kazakhstan shooting-team member Maria Dmitrienko took home the gold for the country Thursday and hit the stage to accept her medal, the spoof version of the Kazakhstan anthem from Borat was played instead of the country's real one.

And needless to say, Borat's version, which contains lyrics like, "Kazakhstan's prostitutes, cleanest in the region" wasn't exactly a hit.

Although Dmitrienko kept her cool while the anthem played, the team later asked for an apology and the medal ceremony was rerun. 

But, Kazakhstan's tribute wasn't the only one that was goofed during the ceremony.

The event's organizers, who blamed the snafu on a downloading error, mixed up the Serbian national anthem as well, according to the BBC.

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