Carnie Wilson

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Despite undergoing gastric bypass surgery in 1999, Carnie Wilson has continued to struggle with her weight.

In January, the Wilson Phillips singer—whose new album Dedicated drops April 3—decided it was time for another change, and had a lap-band surgery.

"For two years I tried and couldn't lose the weight. I would lose 5 pounds but it would come back. I knew I needed to do something," Wilson tells E! News exclusively. "For me it was about getting help. I am 44 and my body has changed as I get older. I was scared. My triglycerides were high, my blood pressure was high for me...I needed an intervention. So, I looked at all my options. I did my research. I am always cautious. I found a wonderful surgeon. I realized that the safest and best option for me was to get the band over my gastric. I had no idea you could do that."

But did it help?

So far so good!

"It's moving at a comfortable pace. It's working great. I am really happy and relieved," she tells us. "At this point I am working really hard and I am looking at my body and I see it shrinking. People are constantly commenting. My energy is ridiculous. With the first chunk of weight gone, I would say I have 70-80 percent more energy."

Carnie also understands that this is a process, and she won't hit her ideal goal weight at the snap of her fingertips. But her daughters, Lola, 6, and Lucy, 2, keep Carnie motivated and focused at working hard to stay healthy.

"I don't consider myself a failure. I needed help. I am looking at this in a more mature and realistic way. I have two kids. I want to watch them grow up, get married and have children. It all boils down to my health."

And the change has been anything but easy.

"No flour. No sugar. No butter. No carbohydrates. I only have brown rice. I am going to try brown rice pasta next week. I am bringing back good habits. I have about six mini meals a day. I eat every 2-3 hours. My meals are about a cup of food. The portions are controlled. I focus on protein. I have 80 grams of protein a day. In addition to that, I have snacks. I love Greek yogurt."

If that's not some serious dedication, then we don't know what is! On top of that, there is no trainer or personal chef involved. Yup, Carnie prepares all her own food (people in Hollywood still do that, apparently).

Carnie is determined to maintain this healthy lifestyle and "would want to lose another 40 pounds." She also has a message for anyone else considering this lifestyle.

"We are all a work in progress. It's all about taking care of our bodies and our minds simultaneously, making healthy choices, not comparing ourselves to others so much and being proud of baby steps."

You can catch Carnie and her bandmates on the Wilson Phillips: Still Holding On series premiere on Sunday, April 8 at 9 p.m. on the TV Guide Network.

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