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Dear Ted:
You said that Angelina Jolie puts her kids first, but what about all of the PR pimping of her brood? You don't see Christian Bale or Ewan McGregor doing that. It seems to me that those two (and probably other actors I can't think of) would rather keep their family life private instead of using their children to prove to the world what amazing people they are. And, especially in CB's case, he never pimped his daughter out to save face after the Terminator fiasco. Maybe photo ops impress you, but I respect people who take responsibility for their actions instead of using their children to deflect from their own mistakes/faults/shortcomings to gain public favor.

Dear A-List Spawn:
You're forgetting something pretty big here. Angelina's with Brad Pitt! They are a Hollywood power couple. Christian and Ewan aren't always on constant watch. And their wives are out of the limelight. Brangelina can't avoid press whether they want to or not. They don't have the luxury. They are just way too busy to stay at home with the kids, and too famous not to get snapped up by the paps. They're always traveling, and they take their kids with them. So what? I would hardly say that spending time with your kids is "pimping" them out. What are they supposed to do, according to your perfect doctrine of parental care, all be hermits?

Dear Ted:
Congrats to Kristen Stewart for her new role in K-11. Are you excited about this movie?

Dear Breaking Dawn:
It's nice to see that she's moving even further on from the Twilight series. I'm excited to see what else she's got up her unpredictable sleeve. And, of course, I have to support Mama Stew, Jules Stewart! Wishing the Stew girls best of luck! By the way, hear Jules is hard at work on her next script. Wonder if there's something in that one, too, for her famous gal?

Dear Ted:
So what are the latest behind-the-scenes happenings on Glee? Are the actors fighting to stay on the show or are the graduating seniors ready to leave? Finally, predictions on Dianna Agron, Mark Salling, Amber Riley and Heather Morrisgoing, staying, or part-time guest star for Season 4?

Dear Gleek Gossip:
I'm predicting some stay and some go. If the Rachel and Kurt spinoff ends up happening then I guess we'll be seeing more of Lea Michele and Chris Colfer. But I honestly wouldn't be surprised if the cast is ready to move on to new projects. Dianna Agron is already rumored to be going. But Darren Criss is a real keeper. I mean, come on. That voice and those moves. Swoon! Ultimately we just have to wait to see how things play out. Anyhow, my fellow Gleeks, don't forget to watch your favorite Gleeks graduate on May 22!

Dear Ted:
Although I think Kristen Bell is a lovely person, I don't think she would be the right choice for Johanna. What do you think of Mila Kunis for the part? I think she'd be perfect! She can definitely play rough and tough.

Dear Forgetting Sarah Marshall:
Oh, do I smell a rivalry a-brewin'? I kid. Don't want to instigate anything, but I simply couldn't resist the reference. I am definitely a fan of spunky Kunis, and she definitely has what it takes to play Johanna in the HG, but I can't stress enough how perfect Bell is for the role. What do I have to do to convince you readers?! Just accept the fact that Kristen should play Johanna and let's move on already.

Dear Ted:
OK, I'm sorry, but am I the only one who knows exactly who should be cast to play the delicious Finnick in the Hunger Games?! It has got to be Paul Wesley! Not only is he an amazing physical specimen but he has proved he can play the very good and very bad guy. I know you are on Team Taylor Kitsch but what are your thoughts on Paul? Love you to pieces!

Dear Hunger Pains:
Y'all keep trying to get me to stir away from Taylor, but I'm not giving up on him! While Vampire Diaries actor Paul Wesley is nothing short of sexy, he needs to beef it up if he wants to play Finnick. Not saying that stars don't go through physical transformations to play a role… but why not choose someone who's already perfect for the role. Cough… Taylor Kitsch. Just sayin'.

Dear Ted:
Do you think Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus will ever be friends again?
—@ ohsoniley

Dear Team Niley:
I don't see why they can't be friends… But don't get your hopes up. It's not impossible, but I don't foresee it happening anytime soon. It's always a sticky situation dealing with an ex. And I doubt that Liam would be thrilled.

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