Get ready for an invasion!

If The Hunger Games' manic media-bombing spree has left you ravenous for more big-screen YA adaptations, then Stephenie Meyer is here to politely remind you that she kinda started it all, ya know?

The first trailer has hit the Web for The Host, based on the author's sci-fi follow-up to her Twilight juggernaut. And this time around, Meyer has traded her sparkly vamps and shirt-allergic werewolves for something literally otherworldly: aliens!

Could this be the next YA pop sensation to follow in Twilight and The Hunger Games' massive footsteps?

The ominous trailer sets up the film's dystopian premise: In a bleak future, an alien race attacks earth and takes over the minds of humans. But one heroine, played by Oscar-nominated Irish lass Saoirse Ronan, refuses her captor's control, turning it instead onto sympathetic memories of her life, which includes—of course!—lotsa tangled-up love issues.

Not much in the way of big reveals here, and the trailer keeps things tense and mysterious.

"The earth is at peace," we hear Ronan say in a voice-over as an image of the earth hovers in space. "There are no wars. There is no hunger. Honesty, courtesy and kindness are practiced by all. The world has never been more...perfect."

The planet then morphs into Ronan's eye, before she warns, "It is no longer your world."


Is Ronan set to become the new K.Stew? (S.Ro? SaoRon? SaoirSaoir?) You'll have to wait awhile: The film won't hit theaters until March of next year!

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