It may seem like it was just last week that we saw these eight people together (because it was), but in real time, the Jersey Shore folks have been away from each other for a bit, so you can guess how excited we were to see them reunite and discuss some hot topics from the season.

Like, for example, Snooki and Mike's whole cheating scandal.

Snooks stuck to her story that Mike was making stuff up, and added, "If I was that horny, I'd go to my room and masturbate."

"I'm not lying, I'm not. And I'm not gonna be made out to look like one, that's it," Sitch responded.

Then it was a lot of yelling and back-and-forth chatter. Ronnie's advice to Snooki was to just ignore Situation because the angrier she would get, the more guilty she looked. And just FYI, if Pauly D was in Jionni's situation, he would knock the guy out and then go to his girl asking if it was true (and then "sleep with her best friend or something").

As for Snooki and Mike, that friendship is over. At least on Nicole's end.

But the spotlight wasn't taken off of Mike just yet.

The whole "villain of the house" title was brought up, including Sitch feeling emotional and left out during this past season.

According to the other roommates, he has a bad track record so it's hard to trust him. JWoww suggested that he apologize for all the shady things he's done in the past. He wasn't game for that and instead walked off set. But Jenni went after him to try and persuade him some more.

Did it work?

But of course. And Mike even apologized!

The two lovebirds of the house (Pauly and Vinny, duh) took the couch to talk pranks and "stalkers."

Pauly was truly scared of that girl Vanessa, who would conveniently show up wherever he was. And when host Amy Paffrath joked with him by saying Vaness was in the audience, Pauly's face explained it all. Too funny.

As for their big prank, everyone agreed it was one of the best if not the best. Prank War champions!

JWoww is still happy in love with Roger. But surprisingly (or maybe not? It's up to you), the couple that seemed the most at ease throughout the summer are dunzo! Ron and Sammi spilled that they are no longer in a relationship because schedules became hectic. But don't ask who broke up with who. They seem to have different accounts of that.

Can't wait to see what happens during season six!

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