Robert Pattinson, Cosmopolis

Caitlin Cronenber/ Alfama Films

Sacré bleu, Robert Pattinson! And if you didn't already guess, we're talking about the Cosmopolis trailer in which the wildly sexy Rob is showing off his buff bod, badass appeal and seductive stare.

Heck, this mere 30-second preview is chalking up to be better than the entire Twilight saga!

Rumors are swirling the film will premiere at the Cannes Film Festival on May 23, midway through the prestigious event.

But is this goss as fake as the flick's first poster (created by some loyal Rob addicts), or will the French really have the first-time viewing pleasure?!

It's looking real good for Mr. Pattinson that the movie will premiere in the French Riviera.

The edgy trailer (featuring a buffed-up, shirtless Rob!) confirms that the official release date is May 23, so it's very likely that Cannes-goers will snag the first look—the festival takes place May 16 to May 27.

We reached out to the producer for confirmation of the Cannes premiere, and have yet to hear back (which is probably a pretty solid indication).

French journalists have also been alluding to the Cannes possibility and even placed Cosmopolis on their Cannes wish list for 2012.

Another promising indication? It's ideal timing for director David Cronenburg. He hasn't been back to Cannes since the premiere of A History of Violence in 2005, which went on to receive loads of critical acclaim, including two Academy Award nominations.

So can we expect the same for Mr. Pattinson, who's looking damn sexy in the sneak peek?  

We seriously hope so. 'Cause Cannes is the par-fait way to un-vamp the hunky actor, who has had a tough time separating himself from his blood-sucking persona. Water for Elephants, thus far, is the only film that came close to proving Pattinson's potential.

But no doubt David Cronenberg truly believes in his leading lad—he already admitted Rob is a profound actor and more recently insisted Cosmopolis will prove Rob's acting abilities stretch far beyond Edward Cullen's cheesy one-liners:

"He's a very serious actor. He wants to be great and takes the trouble to try and be great," he admitted. He continued, with nothing but praise for R.Pattz, "What he does in [Cosmopolis] will lay that question to rest, which a lot of people who are skeptical of Twilight are asking."

Finally, a movie that may prove what we've long been suggesting: Rob has acting chops far beyond the icy Edward.

Hey, he may have "failed to seduce" in Bel Ami, but we think Cosmopolis could mean a much-needed comeback for R.Pattz.

And if not? Well, at least Kristen Stewart's Snow White and the Huntsman hits theaters eight days later.

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